Alice M. C. (TOEFL score 104)

“I had classes with Renata to prepare for the TOEFL iBT, which is a requirement to apply for the LLM programs I was interested at the time.
Since the test encompasses reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills, with a limited time to complete each one, there are several tips to help answering the questions as best as possible. Because Renata is so familiarized with the test, she has all the materials to study and the best tips to get a high score. The classes included the simulation of the speaking and listening part of the test, as well as discussions about the exercises and essays done at home.
Renata’s preparation classes enabled me to get familiar with the test format and to know what to expect, reducing the natural pressure we all feel when taking a test. At my first time taking the TOEFL, I got a score of 104 (reading: 27, listening: 26, speaking: 24 and writing: 27).
I highly recommend Renata’s preparation classes for everyone who intends to take the TOEFL! She is the best!“

André J. (TOEFL score 104)

“With over 30 years of experience, Renata Simões knows the TOEFL in depth like few others. In my case, speaking proved to be the hardest part. Her objective method of training and evaluation, and her absurd familiarity with the test made me quickly more confident and qualified for the test. Furthermore, her concern and commitment to student performance is genuine; her feedback is honest, and the class dynamic is productive. I highly recommend Renata for TOEFL classes.”

Antonio P. (TOEFL score 112 and GMAT score 720)

“Renata’s prep classes and mentoring were critical in my preparation to take both TOEFL (score 112) and GMAT (score 720) tests in record time!
I am confident that without her help reaching my target scores and getting admitted to a top school would have been a much rougher path.
I am very grateful for all!“

Bruno de C. (TOEFL score 112)

I had classes for Toefl with teacher Renata and they are really excellent. She knows the test very well and gives all the tips for us to do well in all parts of it. Our biggest dedication during the two months of class was Speaking and Writing, as they were the sections that I struggled most. The evolution in these parts was notorious and essential for me to be calm and prepared at the time of the test.

Bruno P. (GMAT score 670 and IELTS score 8)

“Renata’s preparatory courses are fantastic and that’s why I’ve used them at 3 different times. In all of them I received the “same thing”: extremely well-prepared subjects, quality teaching and the certainty that I was learning more and getting ready for the tests. Renata’s knowledge of the tests model is an important differential and helps a lot in the preparation. In every test I knew exactly what to expect and was confident that I was well-prepared and ready to achieve the required score.
In addition, Renata’s vast experience helps a lot. She knows why we’re making a mistake and the best method to correct it, whether it’s changing my thinking or understanding the subject more deeply. I wholeheartedly recommend her services and I am sure she is one of the best professionals available on the market.”

Danielle B. (TOEFL score 106)

When I started studying for the TOEFL I knew it would be a challenge to juggle classes with my busy work routine and I was afraid of not getting the score required to take the LLM. It wasn’t easy, but the way Renata conducted the classes, making the schedule more flexible and in each class dealing with the points in which I had difficulties with didactics and in a strategic way, was certainly fundamental for me to take the test in a calm and confident way, managing to increase my previous score by 14 points.

Eduardo B. (TOEFL score 111, IELTS score 8, GMAT score 660)

“More than fundamental, the support I received from PrepClasses121 was decisive for me to improve the English language. In addition to supporting me academically, the course favored my psychological maturity to face the tests and, thus, be accepted to an international MBA.“

Gabriela B. (TOEFL score 105)

“The classes with prof. Renata really helped me a lot in preparing for the TOEFL. Not only was I calm when I took the exam, I was also confident.
With the classes, I was able to work on my weaknesses in addition to preparing myself for each stage, so there were no surprises during the test.”

Gustavo M.

“Taking classes with teacher Renata was essential to end any insecurity I had with the English language and expand my knowledge of the language. In addition to her excellent teaching skills and vast mastery of the TOEFL test, the teacher has always been concerned about meeting my individual and even professional needs.
Anyway, taking classes with an extremely dedicated and professional person helped me a lot to improve my English and achieve my goals.”

Hugo S. – INSEAD MBA (TOEFL score 112)

“The TOEFL preparatory course I took with Prof. Renata Simões was certainly the most effective and efficient decision for the process. The quality and way in which the classes are structured ensured a great learning experience even within a short time frame that I had.
In addition to teaching English well, Professor Renata knows in depth the structure of the tests and the way they are evaluated. Based on that, it helps you design the correct strategy for each TOEFL level, which makes a big difference.
Finally, I really liked the course also because Professor Renata proved to be a true ally throughout the process, always being really interested, concerned and accessible. Thank you so much for the support!”

Isis D. – Masters (IELTS score 7,5)

I must confess that I was both happy and sad when I received my IELTS score. I was happy for having managed to reach my goal (7.5), but sad because I would no longer have classes with Professor Renata. I think that says it all.
I contacted Renata one month before the test, and even with little time she quickly identified what my weaknesses were, offered vast material to help me in these questions and that were specific to the IELTS test. The entire process was essential for me to be technically and emotionally prepared.

Juliana B. (TOEFL score 104)

“Renata is an outstanding professional who has a deep knowledge on how to teach English as a foreign language. She not only customized the classes according to my specific needs but also dominates how to do it. Because of her, I really improved my English in every sense and also achieved the Toefl scores I’ve always dreamed of.“

Leticia S. (GMAT score 750 (98%), Quant 49, Verbal 42)

“The tailor-made classes explained to me in a very simple way the concepts and helped me a lot to achieve my score! I recommend to everyone who is struggling with Verbal section.“

Najla R.

“I have a passion for Renata’s classes because she teaches in a didactic way, without being a tiring class. With her, boring English classes became pleasant and delicious! I recommend 100%!”

Paulo L. (TOEFL score 114)

“More than English skills, the TOEFL exam requires clear strategies in the use of our language abilities, especially for the speaking and writing sections of the test, and this is precisely what I most learned during Renata’s classes. I could extensively train test techniques that were essential to my overall results (I’ve scored 114). Moreover, her beyond classroom support, the quality of the materials used and her attention to every detail when assessing our performance were all remarkable to me.“

Roberto S. (TOEFL score 112)

“The speaking part of the test was so intensely practiced and brilliantly lectured that, as the real test day came, talking to a computer amongst noise and other people seemed just very natural and not hard at all.“

Victoria C. (TOEFL score 101)

“I was very lucky to have Renata by my side over this challenging moment. Her way of teaching is light, making the classes enjoyable and effective. Her attention to details made my final results excel my expectations.
Renata helped me beyond just my TOEFL result (score 101), sharing her thoughts over some decisions upon universities.“

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